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 Series BDPA
Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm
24 Volt or Battery Powered, Built-in Audible and Visual Alarm

The Series BDPA Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm with built-in audible and visual set point indication is designed for overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure applications. The scaled adjustment knob allows changes to the switching pressure to be made without a pressure gage. The BDPA is available with settings from 0.08" w.c. (20 Pa) to 20" w.c. (5000 Pa). The silicone diaphragm and PA 6.6 body make the Series BDPA perfect for use with air and other noncombustible gases. 

The Series BDPA Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarms offer a versatile range of configurations allowing utilization of their many features. The BDPA can be powered by battery or 24 VDC/VAC line power. If connecting line power, the battery can act as back-up power in case of power outage. When set point threshold is reached, a local loud audible buzzer and bright LED will indicate periodically notifying of set point activation. An SPDT contact may also be wired to send a signal remotely to a DDC or building management system. A snooze button located through an opening in the cover can be pressed by the user to manually disengage the audible and visual indication until a maintenance operation is performed. If the instrument is mounted where it is difficult to access, a remote contact may be connected allowing the user to deactivate the buzzer and LED at the remote contact location. 

The Series BDPA Differential Pressure Alarm's great functional versatility makes it perfect for filter, fan, and ventilation applications or any retrofit job where installing electrical wiring proves cost-prohibitive. 

  • Service: Air and noncombustible, compatible gases.
  • Wetted Materials: Diaphragm: Silicone; Housing: Switch Body: PA 6.6 and POM; Cover: Polystyrene.
  • Temperature Limits: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).
  • Pressure Limits: 40" w.c. (10 kPa).
  • Electrical Rating: 1.0 A @ 30 VDC/VAC.
  • Switch Type: SPDT.
  • Alarm Indicationrm.: Red LED and audible alarm.
  • Alarm Level: Approximately 90 db at 4" (10 cm).
  • Alarm Acknowledge: Button press.
  • Power Requirements: 16 to 30 VDC, 18 to 30 VAC or battery. If line power supplied battery acts as back-up if power loss.
  • Type of Battery: 1/2 AA LS14250.
  • Battery Life: Approximately 1.5 years with 3.6 V/1.2 Ah.
  • Repeatability: ±15% FS.
  • Electrical Connections: Screw terminals. M20x1.5 with cable strain relief or optional 1/2" NPT connection.
  • Process Connections: 5/16" (7.94 mm) outside diameter tubing, 1/4" (6.0 mm) inside diameter tubing.
  • Mounting Orientation: Vertically, with pressure connections pointing downwards.
  • Weight: 6.1 oz (173 g).
  • Enclosure Rating: IP21.
  • Agency Approvals: CE, RoHS.
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